PS5 Review: Is it Worth Upgrading from the PS4? Video

    It’s been four months since I got my hands on the PlayStation 5, and I’ve spent countless hours playing on it. In this PS5 review, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on what I like, what I don’t like, and whether you should upgrade from the PS4 or not.


    The PS5 design is a bit divisive, with some people loving it and others hating it. Personally, I love the design and have loved it since I first saw it at the reveal event. It looks incredible whether it’s standing horizontally or vertically. What I like most is how it looks vertically. A cool thing that Sony has added this generation is the removable faceplates. This makes the console very customizable and personal. It’s easy to remove them and paint or wrap them or even change them with another one. I hope that Sony will come up with new and different plates in the future, and we won’t have to look at other companies for them.

    The light that shows when the console is turned on or in sleep mode also makes the console stand out and look even better. The color scheme is the same as the PS4, so you know exactly what is going on with your console. Blue when it’s turning on, white when it’s working, and orange when it’s in sleep mode. Also, the small design touches that they’ve added add to the premium feel of the console.

    User Interface

    The user interface of the PS5 is a significant upgrade from the PS4. It has an interesting refreshed design that looks super sharp and nice because it’s in 4k now. I love the fact that they’ve split the media and games into separate categories because I don’t really use media apps with a console, and I can have only games showing there.

    If you stop on a game now, it will show a big picture of the game in the background, and it might sometimes play music if the developer chose to do so. Some people prefer the PS4 team style that you can customize, but I prefer this game picture background style. The game library is at the far right, like on PS4, and you can see your digital game collection, your installed games, whether they are on the console or on an external drive, and your games from your subscriptions if you have any.


    Settings on the PS5 are very similar to the PS4 ones, so you’re not going to lose yourself around there. They feel a bit boring, but I guess they have to be. A nice addition in the settings area is the game presets. Here you can select a difficulty or performance that applies to all the games by default. My default here is the game default, but you can change it to anything you want.

    If you tap the PlayStation logo on the controller, you’ll get that control center that will let you quickly change some settings, check the status of a download or update, switch to another game, or put the console into sleep mode. You can also customize a bit this quick launch menu. In this menu, you also have something called cards. Admittedly, I haven’t used them too much. They are supposed to show you how long certain areas of the game will take you to complete and go straight into the news and more. Because this card’s edition is new, there is not a lot of support for them from the developers yet. But hopefully, in the future, more devs will come on board with this, and I’ll probably use them more.


    In the months that have passed since launch, I’ve played quite a lot of games. Let’s start with the PS5 games. I obviously played first Astro’s Playroom, which you should definitely do as well. The graphics are stunning and the game runs smoothly on the PS5. The load times are also impressively fast.

    Now let’s talk about backward compatibility. The PS5 is backward compatible with most PS4 games, which is great news for PS4 owners who want to upgrade. I have played some of my favorite PS4 games on the PS5, such as The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, and Bloodborne, and they all run much smoother and look better than they did on the PS4. It’s like playing them for the first time again.

    Should you Upgrade?

    So, should you upgrade from the PS4 to the PS5? Well, it depends. If you have the money and you’re a hardcore gamer who wants to experience the latest and greatest in gaming technology, then yes, you should definitely upgrade. The PS5 offers better graphics, faster load times, and an overall better gaming experience.

    However, if you’re on a budget or you’re not a hardcore gamer, then you can stick with your PS4 for a while longer. Most games are still being released on both consoles, and the PS4 is still a great gaming machine. Plus, the PS5 is still hard to find and expensive, so it might not be worth the hassle and cost for some people.

    In conclusion, I have been thoroughly impressed with the PS5 so far. It’s a powerful machine that offers a great gaming experience, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for it. Whether you should upgrade or not depends on your budget and gaming preferences, but if you do decide to upgrade, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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