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    PS5 Unboxing, First Impressions, Gameplay. Check it out on Amazon here:

    If you can’t find any in stock right now, you can try again later. Hopefully in the next few months they will add more stock and you’ll be able to get one. It’s an amazing console with amazing games.

    PlayStation 5

    Adrian from The Unboxed is Unboxing the PlayStation 5(see the lowest price) in this video. You’ll also see his first impressions on the console and the controller as well as some Astro Playroom Gameplay.

    This console is awesome. It is a big improvement over the PS4. The GPU and CPU are up to date and getting closer to high-end PCs. We get a custom made ultra-fast SSD which dramatically increases the speed of the games. This ultra-fast SSD helps developers make games faster and better as well. We also get inovative features on the DualSense controller like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

    Starting with the design, some love it, some not so much but I personally do love it. It is a statement. It looks amazing. The PS5 is taller than the PS4 by design. They made it so it has more airflow and not sound like a jet engine(PS4) when you play graphically intensive games.

    The PS5 Unboxing gets you excited for THIS Generation.

    Inside the box, you get the console(of course), another DualSense controller, a cable to charge the DualSense, the power cable, an HDMI 2.1 cable, the stand, and the guides.

    It is really good that we get an HDMI 2.1 cable with the console because it supports 120 FPS. You’ll have to buy the cable separate otherwise. Without this cable you can’t play games at 120 FPS. Of course you’ll need a TV that supports 120Hz refresh rate as well to play the games.

    We’ve also unboxed some of the PS5 Accessories if you want to check that as well.

    I love tech and I want to share my excitement for it with you. Unboxing and reviewing new stuff is very exciting to me and I do believe that sharing all the information that I accumulate with you, will help you make a better decision when you want to buy something.


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