VIVE XR Elite: 10 Things We Know

    VIVE XR Elite: 10 Things We Know

    HTC, as a company, has taken a backseat in the smartphone battle, but they have not stopped trying to make important contributions in other tech areas. This short article will overview all that’s publicly known about their latest headset offering: the VIVE XR ELITE.

    1. What is the Vive XR Elite?

    The Vive XR Elite is a flagship standalone Virtual Reality (VR) headset first exhibited at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It’s set to compete with various famed VR sets like the Meta Quest Pro, and it’s deemed an upgrade over the _Vive Flow, implementing new features such as support for mixed reality mode and vision correction capabilities.

    2. When Is the Vive XR Elite Going to be Released?

    As of this writing, the Vive XR Elite is available for reservation at the HTC website, though shipments are scheduled for the 2nd half of February, give or take.

    3. What Would Be the Launch Price?

    The launch price of the high-end Vive headset is set to be $1,099, which is roughly $400 less than the Meta Quest Pro. However, it more than doubles the price of the HTC Vive Flow. We’ve yet to see if the extra features we just mentioned really justify such a price difference in the long run.

    4. Does the XR Elite Come with AR?

    The Vive XR Elite has mixed-reality abilities, so you may seamlessly transition from AR (Augmented Reality) to VR (Virtual Reality) mode, though with some tricks.

    The XR tricks your eyes into AR mode by trying to rebuild the outside world thanks to its internal cameras. The device would then superimpose the augmented objects onto the display to bring the experience full circle.

    5. How Much Does the Vive XR Elite Weigh?

    The Vive XR Elite is praised for its lightweight profile and slim design, at least when compared to the Meta Quest Pro. To put things into perspective, despite all the features crammed into the device, it only weighs 625 grams. By contrast, Meta’s product comes in at 722 grams, an almost 100 gr. difference.

    6. What Are the XR Elite’s Main Specs?

    These are some of the XR Elite’s most relevant specs:

    • RESOLUTION: 19201920 per eye (38401920 combined) LCD displays
    • REFRESH RATE: 90 Hz
    • FIELD OF VIEW: Up to a maximum of 110º
    • SOUND: Embedded speakers and dual microphones for echo-cancellation purposes
    • PROCESSOR: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset (Gen 1)
    • MEMORY: 128 GB of internal storage and 12 GB of RAM
    • CAMERA: 16 MP 4x cameras
    • SENSORS: Depth sensor, G-sensor, proximity sensor, and gyroscope
    • BATTERY: 24.32Wh replaceable Battery Cradle. Offers roughly 2 hours of battery life on average.
    • Adjustable IPD with a range of 54-73mm

    What Are the Controllers’ Specs?

    The XR Elite includes a pair of controllers. This is what we know about their specifications:

    • INPUT: ABXY, System/Menu, Ergonomic Grip, and Analog Trigger buttons, as well as joystick
    • BATTERY: Integrated rechargeable (via USB-C charging port). Battery life hovers around the 15-hour area
    • SENSORS: Hall sensors, capacitive sensors, G-Sensors, and gyroscope

    Will the Vive XR Elite Be Good Enough to Run Most Games?

    The Vive XR Elite, as a standalone device, might not be able to fire up certain power-hungry games due to the limitations of the Qualcomm XR2. Nevertheless, you could connect the device to your computer if you want to rely on a more powerful external graphical chipset.

    9. What Are the Most Praiseworthy Features of the XR Elite?

    Some of the most positive aspects worth noting about the device can be summarized as follows:

    As it concerns the controllers, it’s not very hard to figure out how to use them, with all the buttons easily visible for players who have not yet developed sufficient muscle memory.

    On another note, the Elite’s lenses have optimal edge-to-edge clarity and IPD adjustment. The head-tracking is also decent enough and definitely beats the Vive Flow’s tracking in terms of latency.

    The Vive XR Elite tries to be as self-reliant and self-contained as can be, offering close to a fully wireless experience.

    What Are Some of Its Drawbacks?

    The device has received some mild criticisms over its ergonomics, especially towards the nose area. While pressure over the nose can be alleviated by adjusting the top strap, this comes with a trade-off in the lens alignment department. This may not happen to everyone since we all harbor different physical traits, but it’s something to be mindful of.

    Another crucial ergonomic flaw that has been pointed out repeatedly concerns the rear pad and the fact that there is no cushioning between the back of the head and the battery cradle, leading to some degree of discomfort.

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