Lofter Portable Camera Stabilizer Unboxing

    Are you tired of shaky footage while recording videos or taking pictures with your smartphone? A camera stabilizer could be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this article, we’ll be unboxing the Lofter Portable Camera Stabilizer, which is a combination of a selfie stick and a gimbal. We’ll take a look at the box, and the features, and give our impressions on the product.

    Checking Out the Box

    The Lofter Portable Camera Stabilizer (check the lowest price) comes in a long box that prominently displays the brand name on the top. The box is labeled with features such as anti-shake, easy shooting, and remote control. The stabilizer can also be used as a tripod. On the side of the box, there are guides for how to use the stabilizer and a picture of the product. The back and front of the box are similar and feature more information on the stabilizer’s features, including 360-degree rotation, 79 cm length, and anti-shake technology.

    Unboxing the Lofter Portable Camera Stabilizer

    Inside the box, we find two main pieces that make up the stabilizer. The front piece is where you put your phone, while the back piece contains the stabilizing technology. The stabilizer also comes with a user manual, a small charging cable, and a remote control.

    Putting It Together

    We encountered some difficulty trying to figure out how to put the stabilizer together. After referring to the user manual, we discovered that the front piece can be extended by pushing it down. This creates a selfie stick that you can use to take pictures or record videos. We also found out that the remote control can be removed.

    Using the Stabilizer

    After putting everything together, we turned on the stabilizer and added our phone to test it out. Unfortunately, we discovered that the stabilizer is not compatible with the iPhone SE, so we had to test it with a different phone. We noticed a high-pitched noise when the stabilizer was trying to stabilize the footage, which could be annoying if forced too much. The stabilizer only stabilizes on one axis, so it’s not as effective as a more expensive gimbal that can stabilize on multiple axes.


    In conclusion, the Lofter Portable Camera Stabilizer is a good product for casual picture-taking and recording. It’s a combination of a selfie stick and a gimbal, and it’s easy to put together and use. However, it only stabilizes on one axis, which could limit its effectiveness for more professional use. The build quality is good, and the remote control is a nice touch. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly camera stabilizer, the Lofter Portable Camera Stabilizer could be worth considering.

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