Marshall Acton 3 Review

    Marshall Acton 3 Review

    Marshall has always been known for producing high-quality speakers with an iconic retro look. The new Marshall Acton 3 Bluetooth speaker is the latest addition to the Acton family, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at how it performs and if it’s time for you to upgrade or get one.

    Design and Build Quality

    Marshall Acton 3 comes with the iconic Marshall retro look, which is a design that many people love. It has dimensions of 260 by 170 by 150 millimeters, which is about the same as Acton 2. It weighs around 2.85 kilograms, which is the same as Acton 2. Not that it matters too much since you won’t move it around too much unless you want to take it in a backpack with you at a party. If you do that, you still need to go somewhere with a socket since this one is plug-in only. There is no battery on this one, but you probably knew that.

    The Acton 3 has a PVC-free premium build that comprises 70% recycled plastic and only vegan materials. That means that this leather-like material is vegan. On top of the speaker, we have this brush-like section and buttons. Here you can see, starting from the left to right, 3.5 millimeter Jack aux line, a button that you can press and change from aux to Bluetooth, three infinite knobs that change the volume, bass, and treble, a joystick-like button that can change the songs and pause and play the music, and last but not least, the power button. We also have indicator lights on the knobs and also on the source of the music.

    At the front, we have this nested mesh that covers the actual speakers. We also have the Marshall logo and also a small line at the bottom. Going to the back, we have the woofer out, a service port, and the mains plug. We also have some rubber feet at the bottom of the speaker.

    Compared to Acton 2, there are not many changes. Design-wise, this button right here, this joystick-like button that allows you to change songs, is new, and this line from the front of the speaker is smaller and, in my opinion, looks better than before. It comes in three colors: black, brown, and cream, or as Marshall says it: original black, vintage cream, and relaxed brown. Two of which you can find on Amazon: black and brown.


    Marshall Acton 3 comes with Bluetooth 5.2, making this speaker future-proof. When next-gen Bluetooth features are available, this speaker is ready to deliver them. We’ll have features like improved sound quality, better sync, and less power consumption. Having the 3.5-millimeter Jack makes this speaker easier to connect with other hardware and overall easier to use.

    When you connect the speaker, it prompts you to install the app as well, which I think adds to the overall ease of use. In the app, you can use the equalizer to change the bass and treble, and you can change some settings regarding placement compensation, which makes the speaker sound better based on where you place it. You can check some info about the speaker and also play pause, and change track. You’re also able to explore other Marshall products and change between the Marshall products that you already own.

    Regarding the app, after the initial setup, I think it’s there if you need it, but you might not use it that much. One thing that some people might not like is the lack of waterproofing. So, it’s not suitable for outdoor use, and you have to be careful not to spill any liquids on it.

    Should You Get It?

    Marshall Acton 3 is a fantastic Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality, a sleek design, and intuitive controls. If you’re looking for a speaker that delivers high-quality audio, the Acton 3 is a great choice. It has a timeless, vintage look that will never go out of style and a sturdy build quality that ensures it will last for years.

    However, if you’re looking for a portable speaker, the Acton 3 is not for you. It’s a plug-in-only speaker, so it’s not suitable for outdoor use or travel. Additionally, if you need a speaker that’s waterproof, this is not the one for you.

    Overall, Marshall Acton 3 is an excellent addition to the Acton family and is well worth considering if you’re in the market for a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. It offers fantastic sound quality, sleek design, and intuitive controls, making it a top contender in the Bluetooth speaker market.

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