WorWonder Wireless Headphones Unboxing and First Impressions Video

    I recently acquired the WorWonder wireless headphones. WorWonder promises decent audio quality with its WorWonder wireless headphones. It also has decent battery life and decent comfort and design.

    WorWoder Wireless Headphones

    In this video, I’m Unboxing the WorWoder Wireless Headphones(see the lowest price). You’ll also see my first impressions on the WorWoder Wireless Headphones, what you get in the box and I’ll be testing it as well.

    The WorWonder headphone packaging was nice looking; It came in a simple box with an image of the WorWonder wireless headphones. You can also see specifications listed outside the box.

    Inside the WorWonder wireless headphones box were the wireless headphones themselves. Also a charging cable (a mini-USB to USB type), and some documentation.

    The wireless headphones’ design is pretty good; I like WorWonder’s wireless headphones’ earpiece shape and how the wireless headphones fit on the head. They fit pretty well on my ears and don’t feel uncomfortable. The headphones have a smooth plastic surface.

    These headphones are foldable so you can take them with you easily. They also come with a microphone. You can also use them wired when they run out of battery.

    The WorWonder Wireless Headphones’ audio quality is pretty good. These headphones have decent midrange and bass response, but the low-end could be better and the high-end seems to lack some definition.

    The wireless headphones are not super-bass-heavy but have a decent amount of punchy bass though.

    There is no active noise-canceling technology on these wireless headphones, so they do let some ambient sound in. The around the ears caps do cancel out some noise though.

    The headphones have a good battery life of around 80 hours before you need to charge them again. They also support quick charging and if you charge them for around 10 min you can get up to 5 hours of playtime.

    These WorWonder wireless headphones have a good price-to-performance ratio and I’d recommend them if you’re looking for decent wireless headphones with super long battery life.

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