LG 4k UHD UN71 43-inch Unboxing and Setup Video | Magic?

    So if you’re looking for a new TV and have been watching 4k content on youtube or checking out the PS4 Pro or the PS5, you’ll want to look into this one. The LG 4k UHD UN71 43-inch not only has a stunning picture but the sound quality is just as good.

    LG 4k UHD UN71 43-inch

    In this video, I’m Unboxing the LG 4k UHD UN71 43-inch(see the lowest price). You’ll also see my first impressions on the TV and if it works well with the PS5.

    In terms of picture quality, this TV has full HDR and supports most formats including HDR10 Media Profile. This is the one that gets used by most TVs and consoles like PS4 Pro/PS5 and Xbox One S/X. It can support up to 10-bit colour depth and has an optional (and sometimes mandatory) Dolby Vision profile as well.

    This TV has an IPS Panel and a non-reflective matte finish. The IPS panel allows the TV to have wide viewing angles and it doesn’t matter if you’re watching from below or above as long as you’re within 45° off-center.

    The LG 4k UHD UN71 43-inch comes with 3 HDMI ports allowing you to connect your other entertainment devices without compromising picture quality. The HDMI ports also have CEC support allowing you to use just one remote for all your devices.

    Does it come with the magic remote? not really. It comes with a standard one but the magic remote works with this tv as well so if you want one you can definitively get one.

    The sound quality on this TV is quite good for a small TV. It can get loud enough to fill up most rooms and has decent bass for its size.

    It also comes with LG’s webOS smart platform which is one of the best available. It’s intuitive and easy to use. It can also stream content from other devices on your network so you don’t need to rely on the built-in apps if you’re not a fan of them.

    So if you’re looking for a new TV, this will be one to consider. It looks sleek, it has great picture quality and good sound. What more could you ask for?

    We’ve also unboxed the N-1 Controller if you want to check that as well.

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