Philips Hue Lights Kit Unboxing and Setup | Is it easy? Video

    Unboxing and Setup of the Philips Hue Lights.

    Philips Hue Lights Kit

    Adrian from The Unboxed is Unboxing and setting up the Philips Hue Lights Kit(see the lowest price) in this video. Inside this box, you get 3 hue lights, the bridge, a charger for the bridge, a cable to connect the bridge to the internet, and of course, the manuals.

    These Lights are very nice if you want to have a smart house but they are a bit pricey. If you don’t mind that, then these are the best smart lights you can have. You can control them from the phone, you can set a timer when the lights can turn on. You can easily dim them and you can do a lot more.

    The Philips Hue Lights can also be controlled by voice. You can connect them with the Home Kit with Siri, Alexa, or Google.

    You can see in the video how easy it is to set them up and control them.


    Smart Control

    Set Timers

    Easy Dimming

    Wake up Light

    Warm & Cool

    Relax or Focus

    16 Million Colours

    Gaming Light

    Voice Control

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