Arealer Calf Massager Unboxing & Testing | Can it be used on arms? Video

    Unboxing and Testing of the Arealer Calf Massager.

    Arealer Calf Massager

    Adrian from The Unboxed is Unboxing and testing the Arealer Calf Massager(see the lowest price) in this video. Inside the box, you get 2 fabric wraps, the power adapter controller, 2 dual-purpose cables and the manuals.

    If you sit or stand too much, especially during work hours, it can make your legs feel a bit painful. It is also important to relax your muscles after a workout. And let’s not forget about the middle and old age. When you’re old, your legs tend to get tired more often. A massage will get rid of the pain and make you feel more relaxed, and if nobody is around to help you, then a calf massager is a good solution.

    In terms of functionality and quality, this seems to be an excellent product. You can use this calf massager for a simple message or recover after physical activity. It inflates and deflates and it seems like invisible hands give you a massage.


    It has two levels of intensity and 3 types of massage. One type goes from the upper area to the lower area, the second one from the lower to the upper area and the third and last one alternates the whole area.

    Even though the battery from the power adapter controller it’s quite small, from first impressions it seems to last a while. This gives you the benefit of a full massage before going to bed or doing something else as well as portability so you don’t need to be constantly plugged to a socket to get a massage.


    The wraps are made from breathable fabric. The quality of the fabric and the plastic components seems quite good. The buttons are a bit wobbly but other than that they work fine.

    And if you’re asking, yes it can be used on arms.


    2×2 Large Airbags

    3+2 Adjustable Modes

    Long Calf Wrap

    15 Minutes Auto-Shutdown

    User-Friendly Handheld Controller

    Rechargeable Battery

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