Get Ready to Upgrade Your iPhone Experience! iOS 16 is coming..

    IOS users: your wait will soon be over!

    The next version of IOS will be called IOS 16, and it will be coming to you this fall. If you want to know what you will soon be able to access, get ready to be impressed.

    Bottom line: Apple has announced it is IOS 16 will include measures to personalize your iPhone experiences while it brings you a more technologically responsive system and a better way to reach and interact with everyone on your contact list who matters.

    Your Lock Screen Will Be Your Phone’s Concierge: the IOS 16 will allow you to display your own pictures or clips and memes from all your media favorites. You won’t be limited to just one font style on your display. Your lock screen will give you instant access to the widgets you need to begin. Plan and navigate your day. Imagine being able to instantly click on and see details of today’s weather forecast, remind yourself of calendar events; set alarms or timers, and even be able to know your battery level.

    Of course, you’ll be able to choose from a full gallery of wallpapers for your background screen. Your notifications will appear on your lock screen, too – and you will get to choose the style in which they are displayed.

    IOS 16 Brings Your World Into Focus – “Focus” is IOS’ way to help you streamline your contact list and allow you to reach and communicate with your family, coworkers, or other group members instantly. This can help you organize your mail or even your incoming news content. Emails in your focus groups will be flagged with a chosen icon to immediately cue you into which emails to read first, or which email folder they can be filed in once you have read them.

    Make Your Pictures More Accessible – if you are looking for the ideal way to share your photos with those you love, the IOS 16 will have new technology that will allow you to store and share those photos more easily. Your pictures will be more customizable, too – with the addition of captions, filters, or custom cropping. They can be more easily sorted into albums and then shared with anyone you choose.

    Your Message; Your Way – your messages will be more easily edited before you send them. And if you change your mind after you hit “send”, you can also choose to “unsend” and save yourself from the embarrassment of an impulsive message. Your emails will now also be more easily organized, and more easily searchable and you’ll be able to more seamlessly add links and documents to your outgoing messages.

    Share Your Experiences – Let your phone help you share clips from your favorite shows or movies; or brag on your family’s milestones with your own movies. If you’re part of a project, your phone will now be able to more easily interact with the other project members and receive updates and new submissions from the other participants.

    Apple knows security matters – So, they’ve designed IOS 16 with a more secure sign-in process. You’ll set your phone up with your own choice of security features. Your information will be more private and you’ll be able to rest assured it will stay that way.

    Your voice will be your stylus: Save your thumbs. Use the IOS 16’s dictation system to compose your messages. It is more finely-tuned voice-recognition software will transcribe your words more accurately and add correct punctuation – and even emojis.

    It Helps You Get Where You’re Going – IOS 16 will offer accurate up-to-date maps which can easily be customized with transit cards and help you estimate the costs of your trip during its planning stage.

    Your Wallet At Your Fingertips – Your phone’s wallet will give you instant access to your Apple Pay card or even your own debit and credit cards. They’ll be hidden behind yet another level of Iphone security measures.

    Healthy Phone, Healthy Body – connect your fitness device to your phone and motivate yourself to meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re tracking your miles or counting calories, your phone will now be an integral part of your fitness team.

    Your imagination is probably already swimming with excitement over the way IOS 16 will personalize and enhance your life.

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