DualSense Edge VS Xbox Elite

    DualSense Edge vs Xbox Elite

    Sony has unveiled a new entry in the market for high-performance and high-customizable controllers, the new DualSense Edge. Let’s take a new look at the new controller’s features and see how they stack up against a major competitor. Or in other words, DualSense Edge vs Xbox Elite controller.

    This marks the first official controller of its type for a PlayStation platform, following other third-party pro-like controllers made in the past. It comes with various additions like customizable controls and changeable stick caps.

    Sony says the idea is to give you a step up in gameplay by offering options to personalize your controls. And in the end, create a unique gaming experience designed solely for your play style.

    The controller, which was unveiled as a part of Opening Night Live by Gamescon, features two swappable back button sets, trigger locks, and three different types of totally replaceable and swappable stick modules.

    The DualSense Edge’s features and design are fairly comparable to Xbox’s Elite controller lineup, especially the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2.

    For example, both controllers offer adjustable trigger locks. Also, you can remap buttons on both controllers. There are three different ways to remap buttons on the Xbox Elite Series 2.

    With the DualSense Edge controller, you can deactivate various buttons and fine-tune your aim. As well, there’s the option of tinkering with your stick sensitivity and dead zones, which is how far your analog stick moves before the game registers it. But you can go even further with adjustments. The triggers can be tailored for dead zones and travel distance. That can come in handy during competitive FPS games, where you might cut back travel distance of the triggers for faster response. In racing games, you can pare back the dead zone for better throttle control.

    The DualSense Edge controller also allows you to have a number of multiple control profiles. By customizing your controls to different types of games, you’ll want to access them on the fly, which the DualSense Edge controller allows you to do by saving them to multiple profiles. Such a change comes in handy whether you’re facing rivals in an online battle, or monsters and Norse gods in God of War Ragnarök.

    There is also what Sony calls an “on-controller user interface”. You can adjust your setup using the Fn button while remaining attentive to the action unfolding on the screen. The change allows you to quickly alter game volume and chat balance, swap between pre-set profiles, and go into your controller profile settings menu during the game to set up and test new control configurations.

    If you’re finding your grip isn’t what it could be thanks to one hand in the snacks during gameplay (or any reason for that matter), the DualSense Edge controller has that covered too, with swappable back buttons and stick caps. Three types of swappable stick caps are offered: standard, high dome, and low dome, which help you keep a comfortable level of stability and grip. You also get more control thanks to a pair of back buttons (half-dome and lever) that you can swap out and configure to be any button input of your choosing.

    Stick Modules

    Then there are the stick modules. You have the option to actually replace the stick modules (of course, replacements are sold separately). But the idea is to give your controller more life by allowing the stick modules’ replacement. While both DualSense Edge and Xbox Elite Series 2 have removable thumbsticks, you can’t replace the stick modules of the Xbox Elite controller.

    Meanwhile, Sony says you won’t lose any of the comforts or immersive experiences of the DualSense controller during supported gameplay. Such features include adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, motion controls, and a built-in microphone.

    The DualSense Edge offers some attachments to help keep your play in motion, such as a USB Type-C cable designed to be secured to the controller so there’s less chance of slippage during an important moment of play. You’ll also get a carrying case, which not only makes it easier to stay organized by keeping components and the controller together but actually charges your controller (via USB connection) during case storage. The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller comes with an internal, rechargeable battery, and does not include a USB-C cable.

    While there are similarities between the DualSense Edge and the Xbox Elite controller, the latest addition to the market by PlayStation seems to be a strong competitor, with numerous options for customized gameplay.

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