Unboxing and Short Review of Marshall Acton 3 Speaker

    Unboxing and Short Review of Marshall Acton 3 Speaker

    Marshall, a renowned brand in the music industry, has recently released its newest speaker, Marshall Acton 3. In this article, we will unbox the speaker, test its features, and provide our short review of the product.

    Unboxing Marshall Acton 3

    Upon receiving the package, we immediately proceeded with unboxing the speaker. The packaging was sleek and straightforward, with the product manuals and power cord neatly placed inside the box. The speaker itself has a retro look, with the iconic Marshall logo in the middle. The soft rubber feet at the bottom provide stability, while the connection ports are located at the back, including a service port, a mains connection port, and an aux line. The speaker also comes with a joystick button, which you can use to change tracks and play/pause songs.

    Connecting the Speaker

    We then proceeded with connecting the speaker. The buttons are smooth and satisfying to click, and the LED lights on the knobs change position as you adjust the volume or bass/treble. Connecting to the speaker via Bluetooth was straightforward and hassle-free. We even got a notification to download the app, which includes firmware updates and other features.

    Testing the Speaker

    Now, let’s move on to the most exciting part – testing the speaker. Upon playing music, we were impressed by the clear and crisp sound, even at low volume. The bass and treble were both set to 50, and the sound was already amazing. We then tested the highest volume, and we were pleased to hear that the sound did not distort, even at its loudest. We could also adjust the bass and treble according to our preference, which is a great feature. The bass could go up to 70, while the treble could be set to 50, which provided a pleasant listening experience.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Marshall Acton 3 is a great addition to any music enthusiast. It has an excellent retro look, hassle-free connectivity, and outstanding sound quality. We highly recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a high-quality speaker.

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