PS5 Official Design

    PS5 Official Design Finally Revealed

    The PS5 Official Design is stunning and I can’t wait to hopefully preorder and make the unboxing of it.

    In this video, you can see the epic introduction to the design. You can also see that they have two types of PS5 official designs. One of them is just for digital downloads and the other is for discs as well. They also reveal some awesome 3D wireless headphones, a remote for PS5(see the lowest price) media, and the PS5 camera.

    I will definitively try and preorder and hopefully, I will be able to do it because I know that they might run out of stock in minutes. Fingers crossed we get it and we’ll do an awesome unbox here at The Unboxed.

    I was really stunned by the design. A lot of people were speculating that the design might actually look like the dev kit. It turns out the design is just awesome and nowhere near the dev kit’s ‘ugly’ design.

    As I saw from the event they learned from Microsoft and made their event better. They revealed gameplay as well and they made the event prerecorded so they didn’t have to be live and look bad on stream.

    The Xbox series X is looking to be an overall more powerful console. I can’t deny that even if I’m a big fan of Playstation the Xbox team made a great console as well. But the PS5 has more features and they seem more focused on the player experience I believe that they might win the console war again.

    They really nailed this design compared to Xbox. I believe the PS5 official design is gonna look awesome in everybody’s home. They also have 3D audio which will make players immerse more in the games. They have the dual sense, again immersing the player further in the games. And the better SSD will make games blazing fast and without loading screens.

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