Unboxing a Vintage Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player

    Unboxing a Vintage Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player

    Vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years, and with that, vintage record players have become popular again. If you’re a fan of the old-school sound of vinyl and looking for something that looks stylish, then you might want to consider getting a vintage suitcase record player. In this article, we’ll be unboxing one of these retro record players and taking a look at its features.

    Unboxing the Vintage Suitcase Record Player

    We have quite a big box to unbox today. The record player comes in a suitcase-style case that is designed to look vintage. The model number is displayed on the back of the box. Once we open the box, we see a power cable and a manual along with the record player.

    The record player has some buttons on the front, including a power button, a BT button for Bluetooth connectivity, a line-in button, and a phono button. There is also a switch for controlling the speed and an auto-stop feature. The back of the record player has R and L line-out ports, a DC-in port, and hinges.

    Design and Features

    The vintage suitcase record player has a leather-like finish that looks stylish and adds to the vintage look. The handle and the corners of the case look like they’ve been worn, which adds to the charm of the record player. The record player has a control panel on the front with buttons for controlling the power, speed, and source of the sound. It also has a volume knob for adjusting the sound.

    The record player has a built-in Bluetooth feature for wireless music playback from a phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. It also has a line-in and phono port for wired connections to other devices.

    Playing Vinyl Records

    Playing vinyl records on the record player is straightforward. You need to place the vinyl record on the turntable and select the phono source on the control panel. The record player has an auto-stop feature that stops the record from playing automatically when it reaches the end. You can also control the speed of the record player with the switch on the front of the unit.

    Playing Music via Bluetooth

    The Bluetooth feature on the record player allows you to play music wirelessly from your phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. To connect to the record player, you need to turn on the Bluetooth on your device and select the vintage turntable from the list of available devices.

    Final Thoughts

    The vintage suitcase record player has a stylish retro look and good sound quality. It features built-in Bluetooth, line-in, and phono ports for easy connectivity with other devices. The auto-stop and speed control make playing vinyl records effortless. Its price range is quite reasonable. Overall, we recommend the vintage suitcase record player for anyone looking for a stylish and functional record player.

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